April is Water Conservation Month

For the past 22 years, more than 100 local governments and agencies adopt proclamations declaring the month of

April as Water Conservation Month prior to the formal adoption by Florida’s Governor. CCUA's Board of Supervisors adopted a proclamation on March 18, 2020 declaring April as Water Conservation Month.

CCUA recognizes we are in unfamiliar times. Many in our community are learning to adjust to working from home and and taking care of children from home. As a result, we anticipate an increase in household water usage. We’ve included some helpful information below to help you conserve water and save money on your utility bill.

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Indoor Savings Tips

  • Fix that Flush – the average leaky toilet can waste 200 gallons of water per day!

  • Install low-flow shower heads

  • Time showers to less than 5 minutes

  • Turn off water to brush teeth, shave, and wash face

  • Repair leaky faucets

  • Use the shortest wash cycle for laundry, when possible

  • Replace outdated appliances with energy/water efficient models

  • Operate dishwasher only with a full load

  • When washing dishes in the sink, avoid letting water run continuously

Outdoor Savings Tips

  • Water lawns during the early morning or early evening hours — before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. — when temperature and wind speed are lowest. This reduces losses from evaporation and wind that can occur during the middle of the day. This also allows the water to seep into the ground to the grass and plant roots, promoting healthier plants with deep root systems.

  • Maintain your irrigation system. Watch for broken or misdirected sprinklers. Check for leaks and clogged spray heads. Soft, wet spots around the sprinkler could indicate a leak is being absorbed into the ground.

  • Install a rain sensor to override the automatic irrigation system’s cycle when a preset amount of rain has fallen. The switch can be adjusted for different amounts of rainfall.

Water Conservation Assessments




During this time of social distancing, we are conducting water conservation assessments via phone. Our trained staff can still answer your usage questions, review hourly interval usage, make recommendations, and assist with leak credits. To receive your assessment, please contact CCUA customer service at 904-272-5999.