In some cases you may notice that your utility account erroneously shows as past due. We are working with our payment processor to resolve this issue. Your account will not be disconnected or charged a late fee as a result of this display error.

My Service

Establishing New Service via Web
CCUA has several convenient options for establishing service at your busines or residence.
Service Availability
If you live in an area with a well or septic system and would like to inquire about connecting to our system please contact our Service Availability Department.
Payment Options
CCUA has many easy and fast payment options available to meet your needs. Check out all the great options at
Assistance Program
We recognize that sometimes our customers have temporary hardships in paying their bills. In an effort to better assist these customers, we implemented the Lend a Helping Hand Program, the Golden Opportunities Plan, and the Disability Assistance Plan. More info...
Utility Theft

Utility theft is a major problem faced by all types of utility companies. Utility theft may seem insignificant to those who choose to be dishonest and steal service, however, utility theft can result in higher rates for all customers and can jeopardize the safety of the water supply.More infoMore info...