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Meter and Dual Check Valve Retrofit


What You Need to Know

On January 9, 2023, the Clay County Utility Authority (CCUA) initiated a water meter and dual check valve replacement program. The purpose of this effort is to continue to maintain and protect the potable drinking water supply by replacing aging potable and reclaimed water meters. Additionally, residential properties equipped with non-testable dual check valve devices will also be replaced as part of this meter replacement program.
There is no additional cost to you for this replacement. This replacement program was approved by the CCUA Board of Supervisors as part of its 2022/2023 Capital Improvement Program.
All impacted customers will be notified in advance with a customer notification letter and an in-person contact attempt will be made prior to the installation of the new meter.
Project work hours will be from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays. NOTE: All staff working on behalf of CCUA will have proper identification and will drive marked CCUA vehicles.

How You Can Ensure Your Plumbing System is Protected from Thermal Expansion

To avoid any potential hazards when installing the new dual check assembly. Dual check valves that are installed on a water supply to any premises having a water heating unit may create a closed internal system. This closed internal water system arrangement may experience thermal expansion and pressure increased since water expands as it is heated. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that a thermal expansion valve, tank or a calibrated pressure relief valve at their heating source is installed per local plumbing codes.
  • Verify that the temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P) installed on your water heater is in good, working condition.
  • If in doubt, contact a licensed plumber.

On the Day of Installation, Please be Advised to Expect

  • Interruption in water service for approximately one (1) hour.
  • CCUA workers accessing the meter box in the right-of-way or utility easement to replace the meter(s) and dual check valve (If applicable).
  • You are not required to be home when we come to change out your meter/dual check.
  • CCUA recommends flushing your pipelines to remove any air or dirt that might be in your system after the meter(s) and dual check change out.
  • CCUA is committed to restoring any disturbed landscaping to its original, condition around the meter. Any sod or landscaping over the meter will not be restored.
Our crews will work hard to minimize any inconvenience to you. All inquiries about this project should be to or (904) 272-5999 or toll free at (877) 476-CCUA.
Commercial Accounts: All Commercial Accounts will be contacted personally by a representative from CCUA to schedule a convenient time to complete your meter replacement.