Alternative Water Supply Summary

Alternative Water Supply Surcharge

The adopted 2015/2016 Budget has a $1.00 Alternative Water Supply (AWS) surcharge, per water bill, and an AWS increase of $325.00/equivalent residential connection on new development water connection charges.

Our current source of our drinking water is the Floridan Aquifer. Scientific research conducted to date, by the St Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) is indicating that we must begin to identify other water sources to accommodate Florida’s growing population. A safe, economic and reliable water supply is absolutely essential to maintain our quality of life and ensure the economic vitality of our community.

AWS is simply a sustainable water source that does not originate from the Floridan Aquifer. Currently, utilities are considering several AWS options; reverse osmosis, a surface reservoir and high water withdraws from the St Johns River to name a few.

Water Cycle

CCUA is actively pursuing the development of Storm Water Harvesting as one AWS option. In addition, we are also considering off stream reservoirs to supply water and control flooding. For details on how Storm Water Harvesting is collected and processed to our retention ponds and plants for reuse, please visit our page on Stormwater Harvesting and Horizontal Wells.

The AWS surcharge will be effective, October 1, 2015. The funding source will be restricted for AWS use only and once the AWS surcharge has provided necessary funding it will be rescinded.

Flow of Funds

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