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Customer Assistance Programs

Golden Opportunities/Disability Assistance Plan
Elderly couple
We recognize many of our elderly and/or disabled customers are on fixed or limited incomes and may have some difficulty paying their bill because the bill date may not coincide with the dates they will receive social security, disability or retirement checks.
Our Golden Opportunities Plan enables customers who are 62 years of age or older, retired, and on a limited or fixed income to pay their monthly utility bill up to 21 days after the due date on the bill.
Our Disability Assistance Plan enables customers who are permanently disabled and on a limited or fixed income to pay their monthly utility bill up to 21 days after the due date on the bill. Customers must provide proof of disability (Benefit Verification Statement).
You may apply for this extension online through our Customer Portal by clicking Sign In to Apply or by visiting our office Monday-Friday, 8 A.M – 5 P.M. Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you.


What is the Lend-A-Helping-Hand Program?

The Board of Supervisors of the Clay County Utility Authority recognized that sometimes our customers have temporary hardships in paying their water and/or sewer bills. Due to bond ordinances and Chapter 94-491, Laws of Florida, the Clay County Utility Authority is prohibited from giving free water and/or sewer services. Therefore, in the spring of 1996, the Board of Supervisors started the Lend-A-Helping-Hand program where customers can voluntarily donate a set amount when paying their monthly water and/or sewer bill. These donations are then used to pay the bills of those with temporary hardships.

Who is eligible for this program?

Customers of the Clay County Utility Authority who are:
  • Elderly, 60 years of age or older whose household income is below the poverty level;
  • Handicapped whose household income is below the poverty level;
  • Low income households below the poverty level; or
  • Any customer who has an emergency situation which results in temporary hardships.

What does the Program cover?

The program only covers payment of the current past due Clay County Utility Authority water and/or sewer bill. Help to households is limited to one time in a twelve-month period with a maximum payment of $350.00.

Who administers the needs assessment?

The Clay County Utility Authority currently has an agreement with the Catholic Charities Bureau to complete the needs assessment of customers seeking to use the program, per the program’s eligibility requirements. The agency selected to complete the needs assessment receives no compensation for this service and is required to apply the needs assessment criteria without reference to the applicant’s race, ethnic origin, nationality, primary language, religion, political affiliation, sex, marital status, or any disability. The Clay County Utility Authority will not complete any needs assessments for the program.

Who administers the Program's funds?

The existing staff of the Clay County Utility Authority keeps the Lend-A-Helping-Hand funds in a separate bank account for use in paying only certified needy recipients' water and/or sewer bills as directed by Catholic Charities Bureau.

Who has been helped by the Program?

To date, the Lend-A-Helping-Hand program has helped 532 customers in paying their monthly water and/or sewer bills.  The average help has been approximately $100.00 per recipient.

How can I help with this program?

Approximately 242 customers are already giving an average $50.04 per year. You may enroll in the program by signing in to your online account and completing the form. You can also sign up by completing the attached Contribution Authorization Form and send it in with your utility bill payment. If you wish, you may add your donation to your utility payment and send it along with your signed authorization form. Alternatively, if you prefer, we will start your donation on your next monthly bill. You can also make a one-time donation by inserting the amount on your payment stub.

What if I want to stop my donation?

If you wish to stop your contribution to the program, pay just your utility bill and we will remove you from the program.

What if I have more questions about the program?

You can call or write the Clay County Utility Authority Customer Service at 904-272-5999, or toll free at (877) 476-2282. Reach us by email: Green arrowClick here or write us at the address provided below:
Clay County Utility Authority
Atten: Lend-a-Helping-Hand Program

3176 Old Jennings Road
Middleburg, FL 32068

Other Agencies Available to Assist Families with Utility Bills:
  • St. Catherine’s Catholic Church Orange Park
    • Contact: Larry O'Brien or Bunny Johnson
    • Phone: (904) 264-0577
    • Fax: (904) 264-7999
  • Clay County Rescue Mission
    • Contact: Amy Houston
    • Phone: 904-375-2901
    • By Appointment Only
  • Salvation Army
    • Contact: Kim Lewis or Kim Durbec
    • Phone: (904) 276-6677, Extension 4304
    • Fax:(904) 276-6655
  • St. Luke’s Catholic Church
    • Contact: Mae Edmund, Bernie Johnson, or Marg Moritz
    • Phone: (904) 282-0439, Extension 114
    • Fax: (904) 291-9711
    • By Appointment Only Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Mercy Network Program
    • Phone: (904) 297-4052
    • By Appointment Only
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church Outreach Program
    • Contact: Anne Borom or June
    • Phone: (904) 284-4767
    • Fax: (904) 284-1929
    • Tuesdays & Thursdays Only
    • Helps Fleming Island and Green Cove Springs residents only.
  • St. Giles Presbyterian Church
    • Contact: Dee Dumas
    • Phone: (904) 272-1244, Extention 3
    • Fax: (904) 272-4724
  • Middleburg Methodist Church
    • Contact: Angela Whiteside
    • Phone (904) 282-5589
    • Fax: (904) 282-0109
  • HAP Housing Assistance Program
    • Contact: Jessica Kloke
    • Phone (904) 356-1612
Please Note: Services listed above do not promise same day payment. An ample amount of time must be given in order to receive payment before utilities are discontinued. This service will only be provided to help you once a year.