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Educational Material

The Authority is committed to educating its customers about the importance of conserving drinking water and protecting the environment. The following services are provided by the Authority at no charge:

Water Conservation Videos for Schools

We currently provide St. Johns River Water Management (SJRWMD) videos and posters for teachers and home-schooling parents who would like to educate their classrooms and children on the importance of water conservation.

Water droplet on a leaf

We understand the importance of reaching children at a young age and instilling the values associated with protecting our limited natural resources.

In addition, the SJRWMD videos and posters can be supplemented with special talks or tours of plants and facilities conducted by Authority personnel. Personnel provide educational lectures on water conservation and the operational practices utilized at our plants and facilities to efficiently provide water, wastewater and reclaimed water throughout their communities. Tours of plants and facilities are also arranged upon request to accommodate community interest.

Water Efficient Landscape Demonstration Projects

We currently provide customers with the SJRWMD publication Waterwise, which presents attractive and creative ideas for utilizing plants and landscaping based on the principles of Xeriscape™. This publication also includes examples of landscaping plans, design, proper maintenance, and plant lists for the customer’s use.

The Authority has designed its own display of a water conservation friendly landscape in its drive-thru area of its main operations building. The drive-thru window is in a location that can be viewed by approximately 150 customers per day who utilize the window for paying their utility bill. The landscape demonstration project incorporates many of the plants and recommendations included in the SJRWMD Waterwise publication.

Water Conservation Exhibits

The Authority currently partners with the Clay County Fair to educate its customers on the importance of water conservation. Our booth provides customers with a variety of SJRWMD conservation literature, landscaping tips and suggestions, samples of plants that can be utilized for Florida friendly landscaping, reclaimed water information, smart tips for home irrigation, leak detector tablets and promotional materials which highlight various conservation messages.

The fair fliers include water conservation tips for customers and a discount coupon encouraging our customers to stop by and visit our conservation booth.

Water Conservation Speakers to Schools

The Authority currently provides speakers to local schools, community organizations, associations, and children’s clubs (i.e. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.).

Speakers focus on the importance of water conservation and provide basic tips and solutions for conserving water by altering daily activities and behavior. The information provided is further supported with a variety of SJRWMD conservation literature and coloring/activity books for the children and CCUA attention grabbing toys.

We believe providing education to the public will improve awareness and provide individuals with the means to be able to take an active role in conserving water.

Water Conservation Literature

A wide array of SJRWMD conservation literature is displayed in the Authority’s main lobby and in the office of the Authority’s Backflow Administrator. All Customer Service Representatives provide conservation literature to new customers and existing customers who are interested in ways to reduce the costs associated with their monthly utility bill.

Reclaimed water users are provided with additional SJRWMD conservation literature that provides education on how to safely utilize their reclaimed water service and gain a better understanding of how they are protecting our environment and natural water supply.

We have noticed an increase in the number of Spanish speaking customers over the past few years. As a result, we have made available personnel and SJRWMD literature that are readily available to assist the customers with their water conservation needs in Spanish.

Provide Customer Assistance with Water Usage Audits

Customers establishing service are provided with Home Water Use Surveys supplied by SJRWMD. This survey provides the homeowner with the opportunity to discover just how much water they are using and provide helpful tips to use their water wisely.

Upon customer request, Authority technicians will provide customers with one free high bill investigation per year to determine if there are leaks that could be wasting water and causing the customer to have an unusually high bill.

Leak detection tablets are always available in our main office and are free to customers.

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