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Prepaid Facility Base Charges
Meter Size Water Wastewater Reuse
5/8" x 3/4" $9.97 $22.60 $15.48
3/4" $14.95 $22.60 $23.26
1.0" $24.97 $22.60 $38.70
Per Monthly Water Bill: $1.00
Water System Consumption Rates
First 6,000 gallons $1.37
Next 6,000 gallon $2.85
Next 6,000 gallons $3.69
All usage over 18,000 gallons $4.74
Note: Consumption charge per 1,000 gallons with allowance per meter equivalent ERC
Wastewater System Consumption Rates
All Meter Sizes (10,000 gallon cap) $3.37
Unmetered  Flat Rate $48.55
Multi‐family Unmetered per Unit $38.21
Note: Where reclaimed water is available the cap for residential wastewater usage will not apply
Reclaimed Water Consumption Rates
First 15,000 gallons $0.63
Next 5,000 gallons $1.25
All usage over 20,000 gallons $1.88
Note: Consumption charge per 1,000 gallons with allowance per meeter equivalent ERC
Debt Capacity Charge: $35.05
Debt Capacity Charge (Definition): A monthly charge established to provide sufficient revenues to pay the annual net debt service requirements for the amortization of the District’s special revenue bonds for the construction of the water distribution, wastewater collection and effluent reuse system.

Due to the uncertain outcome of customer reaction to the inclining block rate structure and extraordinary climatic conditions, should actual billed potable water service revenue, after at least six months of operation under these rates which became effective October 1, 2016, fall more than 2% below budgeted water service revenues, then an interim water service rate increase of up to 3% may be initiated without additional advertisement and or public hearing, upon CCUAʹs Board of Supervisorʹs approval.

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