2016/2017 Fiscal Year Budget - No Service Rate Increase

It is hard to believe that we are already planning for a new year. Our Board of Supervisors and executive team begin planning very early in the year to prepare a fiscally responsible budget with rate and fee structures that will provide for efficient utility operations and the best possible service to our customers for the upcoming year. We are pleased to announce that we will NOT be having a rate increase for the upcoming fiscal year of October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2017! While this may be the sole concern for some of our customers, we hope that you will continue reading to learn a little bit about what we have accomplished with our rates and the newly implemented AWS surcharge this year, and what we hope to accomplish for you in the upcoming year.

Did you know that as a CCUA customer, you will typically have one of the lowest utility bills for water, wastewater, and reclaimed services? With a zero percent rate increase, that will continue.

In addition to maintaining our low rates, we were able to balance our operating budget with the decrease in debt stabilization due to the savings from refunding debt for lower interest rates.

Proposed Operating Budget
Proposed Capital Budget

Our proposed Capital Projects budget and Five-Year Capital Plan are reflected below.

Proposed Capital Budget & Five Year Plan

Our Fiscal Year 2015/2016 Budget focused heavily on improving our existing infrastructure through a variety of renewal and replacement projects. Renewal and replacement projects allow us to maintain and repair existing aging infrastructure so we can continue to provide customers with the level of service they expect and deserve. Four very important projects that have been completed this fiscal year are summarized below.

Arora Blvd. 10-Inch Wastewater Main Rehab

Construction near Lift Station 14 on Aquarius ConcourseThe Arora Blvd. 10-Inch Wastewater Main Rehab project, when complete, over 7,000 feet of new High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) force main will have been installed along Aquarius Concourse, Arora Boulevard, Lester Drive, Hilltop Drive, and Parkwood Drive via Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) methods. The existing pipe along this route is made of a combination of cement asbestos, cast iron, and PVC which is nearing the end of its design life. The existing line has proven to be problematic from a maintenance perspective and is also causing problems for lift stations along the route. In concert with our Engineering department, engineers at Mittauer and Associates, Inc. began designing the project in early 2015. Construction began in March of 2016 and is expected to be completed in early August of 2016. The estimated cost to complete the project is approximately $675,000.00.

Bonnlyn Drive Gravity Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

During routine inspection work, our Distribution and Collection department discovered a section of 8 inch sanitary sewer running between Bonnlyn Drive and Blairmore Boulevard in Orange Park that needed to be rehabilitated. Unfortunately, the 8 inch pipe was located within very close proximity between two houses. Based on the close proximity of the homes, it was decided to replace this section of pipe with the “pipe-bursting” method. This method involves forcing a new pipe through an existing pipe while bursting the old pipe in the process. The project began in June 2016 and was complete in late July 2016. CCUA staff and contractors successfully replaced the failing section of pipe. We also gained valuable insight for use on future pipe bursting projects, one of which is along Constitution Drive in Orange Park.

Constitution Drive Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation and Lift Station #16 - Admiral’s Walk Upgrade/ Relocation

We have two other major projects that will be completed this year involving the renewal and replacement of aging infrastructure. The first involves rehabilitating over 2,500 feet of gravity sewer going down Constitution Drive in Orange Park. Most of this rehabilitation will involve pipe bursting methods similar to the Bonnlyn Drive rehabilitation project described above. The second project involves upgrading and relocating Lift Station 16 on Admiral’s Walk Drive in Orange Park. Originally installed in 1974, Lift Station 16 will be upgraded from an above-ground pumping station to a completely updated station with submerged pumps and easier maintenance.


The Mid-Clay Reclaimed Water Land Application and Recovery System came on line in January 2016. These new facilities, which consist of 9 additional rapid infiltration basins (RIBs are essentially bare ground basins surrounded by earthen berms, which comprise ± 30 acres of the Mid-Clay site), a horizontal well and wet pond pumping station will allow CCUA to optimize our reclaim water (i.e. treated wastewater) utilization. On days when reclaim water demand is low (rainy weather condition), excess reclaim water (not being used to irrigate residential lawns) will be discharged to the RIBs (permitted capacity is ± 2 million gallons/day) and not into the St. Johns River. On other days when reclaim demand is high (demand is exceeding reclaim supply), the horizontal well and wet pond pumping station can be utilized to extract water from the RIBs/pond, send it for treatment and then into the reclaim system to bolster the supply. The construction cost for this project was approximately $2.4 million.

Exceeding Expectations

CCUA’s wastewater treatment facilities are Advanced Waste Treatment (AWT) facilities. Wastewater must be treated and released back into the environment, referred to as effluent. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) sets minimum standards. CCUA continues to exceed those minimum standards for our effluent. These efforts even enabled CCUA to enter into an Interlocal Agreement to transfer Total Maximum Daily Load Water Quality Credits from our utility to Clay County to help the County meet their pollution load reduction goals. It is estimated that this trade saved our county an estimated $25 to $40 million dollars in projected cost to meet the Total Maximum Daily Load requirements. That’s quite a savings to the tax payers of Clay County!

To learn more about our environmental performance, click on the charts below.

To provide redundancy to the Orange Park Country Club area, CCUA staff designed the Spencer 12-inch water main extension to back feed Orange Park Country Club. After being competitively bid and awarded, CCUA entered into a contract with Rowell Contracting, Inc. for the installation of the 3,183 ft. long 12 inch diameter water main connecting the Meadowbrook and Spencer’s potable water service areas along the Northern edge of Clay County. As anticipated, installation of this pipeline has increased the overall system reliability in the Meadowbrook and Spencer’s service areas. The project began in January 2016 and was completed in July 2016 with a cost of approximately $265,000.00.


One of the most important natural resources is our water supply. A safe, economical and abundant drinking water supply is essential to maintain our quality of life and ensure the economic vitality of our community. The Floridan Aquifer is currently Clay County’s sole source of drinking water.

We recognize that relying on the Floridan Aquifer as a water source will not always be a viable solution to providing you with the supply of quality water you will require. That is why our team of engineers is constantly researching alternative water supply sources and preparing for the future. In addition, to make sure we have an adequate supply in the future, we have implemented an impressive water resource protection and conservation plan.

Just last year, we implemented the $1 Alternative Water Supply (AWS) surcharge and a $325 AWS Connection Charge to the water connection charges to establish an initial stable funding source for AWS development. The funding will cover, but is not limited to, feasibility studies, evaluations, land acquisition, property entitlements, design, permitting, construction, and implementation. We believe that the development of an AWS is necessary to support the existing and future residents of Clay County with a sustainable water supply other than the Upper Floridan Aquifer. Visit www.clayutility.org/aws for more information.

At CCUA we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, so please reach out to us regarding your recommendations for improved service. To learn more or to contact us, please visit us at www.clayutility.org/contactus.aspx. We also welcome you to join us at our upcoming public rate hearing on Monday, September 19, 2016, at 7 PM in our Board Room at 3176 Old Jennings Road, Middleburg, FL.

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