Adopted Fiscal Year 2019/2020 Rates and Budget

CCUA is excited to be starting its 26th year of serving the residents of Clay County. CCUA has adopted a 4.0% increase on water, sewer, and reuse base and usage charges. A 3% increase has also been adopted for the Alternative Water Supply (AWS) surcharge. We strive to keep rates low and are pleased that we have adopted only three rate increases in the past eight years to cover the increase of renewal and replacement infrastructure.

Adopted Operating Budget

The adopted operating budget reflects a decrease of approximately $387,000 from last year’s budget. This operating budget includes a significant transfer that will commit an extra $1,445,000 in funding for the capital budget. Funding for capital projects is cash on hand, rates, debt, and capacity fees. Operating as a not-for-profit utility, any excess cash from operations is used to fund capital projects. The five-year capital budget reflects a funding shortfall of approximately $136 million. The capital budget includes tanks, structures, and equipment that require recoating and rehabilitation to preserve structural and operational integrity. We often have to relocate water, sewer, and reuse mains for road widening projects as well as the slip-lining or replacing leaking or damaged gravity mains discovered in preventative video inspections.

Adopted Capital Budget & Five Year Plan

As a CCUA customer, you have our commitment that you will continue to have one of the lowest utility bills for water, sewer, and reuse services. One of the ways we accomplish this is investing in innovation and obtaining funding from various regulatory agencies. The cost of CCUA water is less than a penny a gallon using our average monthly water bill.

The entire CCUA Board of Supervisors and most of our staff reside in our service area, experiencing the same service, rates, and water quality as the 132,000 residents who count on us for their water, sewer, and reuse. Our leadership team and staff are customers too and they expect the very best, just like you.

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, so please reach out to us regarding your recommendations for improved service.