During this transition period to our new software, we are adjusting our service timelines, including those for disconnections due to non-payment. We will not disconnect customers nor charge late fees as we work through these complex technical issues. Please rest assured, we are working diligently to minimize any inconvenience.
Service Charges and Miscellaneous Fees

Customer Deposit: (per ERC) Water Wastewater Reuse
Initial Deposit $25.00 $50.00 $25.00
Initial Deposit for Customers Without SSN $50.00 $100.00 $50.00
Annual Interest Rate of 0.94% will be paid on deposits held at least 6 months
Note: A security deposit is required for all new accounts including transfers and existing accounts that become delinquent and require a field visit. An additional deposit will be required for accounts that are disconnected twice in one 12 month period.
Service Charges and Miscelleaneous Fees:
After Hours Prepayment for New Service $250.00
Same Day Service Charge and After Hours Premise Visit Surcharge (Normal Hours 8 AM to 5 PM, M-F) $30.00
Initial Connection, Premise Visit Charge, Normal Reconnection, Reconnection due to Repair, and 2nd Trip $30.00
Special Meter Rereads, Hydrant Reading Charge and Backflow Test Final Notice $30.00
Nonpayment Charge Before 4:00 PM, Monday – Friday $30.00
Nonpayment Charge After 4:00 PM and before 9:00 PM, Monday – Friday $90.00
Nonpayment Charge on Weekends and Holidays $120.00
Nonpayment Charge Flat Rate Sewer Account $80.00
Late Notice Charge $3.30
Returned Check Charge $30.00
Hydrant Meter: Application Set Up, Relocation Charge, and Fee to Replace Cut Meter Lock $30.00
Meter Inspection Fee for New Meter Installations $30.00
Meter Testing Charge (5/8"x3/4" & 3/4") (1" & Above Meters: Actual Cost) $70.00
Meter Reset Fee $130.00
Meter Tampering Charge $60.00
Replacement of Broken Curb Stop $80.00
Lien Charge (Charge does not include any recording costs, additional collection fees or attorney fees) $130.00
Violation Reconnection $30.00
Monthly Hydrant Base Charge (plus water at metered rates) $100.00
Hydrant Meter Deposit per Hydrant Policy $550.00 to $1210.00
Hydrant Meter One-Time Fill at CCUA Main Office (plus water at metered rates) $60.00
Waste Disposal Deposit per Septage Haulers Disposal Deposit Policy
Building Water Monthly Charge All Systems (Un-metered used during construction) $70.00
Wholesale Reclaimed Water Usage Charge Per 1,000 Gallons $0.52
Waste Disposal From Portable Toilets, Septic Tanks, and Landfill Lechate at Sewage Treatment Plant Per 1,000 Gallons $110.00
Processing fees to CCUA for Potable Water (Public Water Supply) Distribution and Transmission System Permits $280.00
Processing fees to CCUA for Domestic Wastewater Collection/Transmission System Permits $280.00
Processing fees to CCUA for Permit Modifications $60.00
Energy Surcharge (to be assessed based on a formula) when actual energy sensitive operating expenses exceed budgeted energy sensitive expenses
Account collection fees and/or costs incurred by CCUA in the course of collecting delinquent balances, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 40% of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, which CCUA incurs in such collection efforts, will be paid, in addition to the original balance due, by the customer responsible for the delinquent balance.
Service Availability Charges
Water Connection Charge Per ERC 450.00
Alternative Water Supply Charge Per ERC $388.01
SJRWMD Black Creek Water Resource Development Project Connection Charge Per ERC $105.19
Wastewater Connection Charge Per ERC excluding Keystone included in FDEP Grant SG481030 and LP0512 $4100.00
Reclaimed Water Connection Charge Per ERC For Developments with Reclaimed Water Piping Systems $300.00
Surcharge for Development of Reclaimed Program (Applicable To All Developments That Do Not Install Reclaimed Piping Systems) $410.00
Debt Service Charge per ERC $191.00
Fire Protection ‑ Initial Charge (Per Gallons Per Minute “GPM” Flow) $15.81
Inspection, Plan Review, As-built Drafting, and Recording Fees Actual Cost
Potable Water Meter, with Backflow Device (5/8” x 3/4” Meter with other sizes at cost) Includes Meter Box $483.47
Reclaimed Water Meter (5/8” x 3/4” Meter with other sizes at cost) Developments with Reclaimed Water Piping Systems & Includes Meter Box $417.33
As defined in Rate Resolution:
Supplemental Developer Agreement Administrative Charge $100.00
Financed Developer Agreement Administrative Charge $100.00
Flex Space Meter Audit (2nd and subsequent trips) - $50.00, plus $75.00, per hour in excess of .75 hours per trip
Master Meter Violation Charge, where applicable $500.00
Carrying Charge for Middleburg Service Area Policy and Infill Policy 2.20%
Finance Charge 3.69%
Middleburg Service Area Development Policy – Distribution and Collection Infrastructure Charge Per Acre
Water $5692.00
Wastewater $10911.00
LAMPA Infrastructure fee per ERC
Potable Water $839.00
Reclaimed Water $1068.00
Wastewater $890.00