Water conservation may seem unnecessary in a state surrounded by water, but not all of that water is readily available for drinking or irrigation.

By filling out this survey, you will have a general idea of how much water you use each day in and around your home, as well as what it is costing you to use that water.  The information you enter is not stored or tracked, and the results are only for you to get a better idea of where you can save water and money.

To begin, please tell us how many people are in your house hold:

Survey adapted from content provided by the St. Johns River Water Management District. For more information about the water in Florida, please visit http://www.sjrwmd.com.
Once-A-Week Watering Restrictions Are Now In Effect! Know your day!
Did you know...?
During Daylight Saving Time, you may water your lawn twice per week on specific days? Know your days!

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