During this transition period to our new software, we are adjusting our service timelines, including those for disconnections due to non-payment. We will not disconnect customers nor charge late fees as we work through these complex technical issues. Please rest assured, we are working diligently to minimize any inconvenience.
Possible Leak Problems

Water faucet leaking

It is amazing how much water can be wasted through a very small leak.

The Authority is always willing to help its customers conserve water wasted through leaks and help the customer keep their utility bill consistent.

If you believe that you may have a leak either in your residence or at the Authority’s meter, please contact the Authority immediately so a Field Service Technician can check your meter for any leaks. If the Field Service Technician determines there is a leak on our side, we will promptly correct the problem. If the problem is on your side, the Field Service Technician will notify you in person if you are at home, by telephone (if you request a return call), or leave you a door hanger on your front door.

The Field Service Technician or any of the Customer Service staff in our main office can provide you with leak detection tablets to test your toilets for leaks. The tablets are very easy to use and come with specific directions.

Taking advantage of calling us first and checking for leaks on your own can save you unnecessary and often expensive plumbing bills that may not be necessary.