Doctors Lake Septic to Sewer Project

Project information and the most current updates are available on our Septic to Sewer page:

The Clay County Utility Authority (CCUA) exists as a Special Legislative District focused on delivering safe, reliable, and economical water, wastewater, and reclaimed water services to our customers. As a Special Legislative District, CCUA must match our revenue and expenses every fiscal year. Clay County and CCUA are beginning to experience a period of significant growth in population. In addition to the increasing number of people we serve, CCUA continues to work to remain in front of new regulations, protect the environment, and maintain the levels of service our customers expect. All these efforts require investments in trained professionals to operate our systems, technology to monitor and convey data for good decision-making, and infrastructure to treat and deliver the safe reliable water services to our community. These investments, without a doubt, can have upward pressures on rates. By effectively planning and making good investments with proper timing, we can mitigate upward pressure on rates by effectively managing costs over time. CCUA initiated a rate study this fiscal year to execute that effective planning for the Clay County community.

To begin the rate study, we held a workshop with our Board of Supervisors to discuss CCUA’s existing rate structure and policy direction for the future. We heard our Board of Supervisors focus their questions and comments on policy goals involving equity, simplicity, while maintaining revenue stability for the utility. The CCUA Board of Supervisors and the management team clearly want to keep the essential water uses of water affordable for our community as a key policy goal.

We entered the second phase of the rate study after the April workshop. Our consultant will look at the growth in population, levels of service, capital improvements, technology investments, and the staff necessary to make everything work for our customers. The consultant’s evaluations will estimate operating expenses, necessary capital infrastructure investments, and future debt the utility will likely need to take on in future years. Our understanding of these expenses will allow us the estimate our base and flow charges to cover our operating expenses as well as our connection and capacity fees to connect to the utility systems. We expect to complete the rate study this summer.

CCUA continues to advance an Integrated Water Resource Plan (IWRP). The IWRP will provide a guide for our capital infrastructure investments in future years to meet the needs and expectations of our growing population. The IWRP will also guide our efforts to conserve water and protect the environment. We anticipate completing the IWRP in the coming weeks.

We continue our development overall strategic plan for the utility. We are using a 20-year planning horizon for this strategic plan. Both the rate study and IWRP are key elements to this strategic plan. When complete, CCUA customers and interested stakeholders will see a 20-year plan that includes guidance on rates, fees, capital infrastructure investments, expected levels of service, technology, and staffing. We are planning to complete the strategic plan early in 2023.

CCUA maintains a rich history of forward-looking planning and investing in the Clay County community. The entire CCUA team continues this tradition. We understand by putting in the time needed for good planning, timely capital investments, and efficient operation of the business, our customers will see long-term value in the safe and reliable water services we provide.

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