Doctors Lake Septic to Sewer Project

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Every year since 2007, the third week in May has been recognized as Water Reuse Week. This week helps promote and encourage efficient use of reclaimed water. The importance of reclaimed water cannot be stressed enough. By using reuse water resources like reclaimed, it helps alleviate relying on groundwater. CCUA has been on the forefront of reuse projects to help promote alternatives to traditional water supplies of the past.

What is reclaimed water though you might ask? Reclaimed water is wastewater that has been thoroughly treated to remove harmful bacteria, organisms, substances so it can be reused. Believe it or not, this type of water is all around us as well. It’s used to irrigate golf courses, residential landscapes, sports fields, and even carwashes to name a few. The use of reclaimed water allows to ultimately have a greater supply of drinking water.

Now just because reclaimed water has limited the stress on our natural aquifers, doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be viewed as another supply of potable drinking water. With the help of funding from the Florida Legislature, CCUA is in the process of bringing a Potable Reclaimed Water Pilot Project to our Mid-Clay Water Reclamation Facility. Through this pilot project it will give us the opportunity to demonstrate the treatment technologies that meets and exceeds the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s standards for potable reclaimed water. This project will be ground-breaking for the Clay County area and provide a safe, drinkable resource for our community as our population continues to grow over the next 25 years.

While our pilot project is not the first one in the state, our staff believes that it will provide an opportunity unlike any other potable reclaimed sites. Onsite will be an educational facility to inform the public of how this alternative water source is the way of the future. Individuals that tour the facility are going to visualize the treatment process in a way that is not usually seen. CCUA strongly believes that by informing students, local leaders, and other public stakeholders we can shine a light on the benefits of using treated reclaimed water as an everyday commodity.

It is important to remember the use of reclaimed is one that has been, and will continue to be, a great water supply for our state. According to our friends at the St. Johns River Water Management District since 1995 the beneficial use of reclaimed water has grown by 166%. That statistic alone goes to show the importance of its use through the years.

Like stated previously, CCUA is committed to being on the forefront of alternative water supply projects to protect our natural resources. We are confident that the projects on the horizon will give us the resources to serve you as our customers. Continuous collaboration with our partners at the state and the SJRWMD ensures for continuity of promoting the importance of reclaimed water. This gives us the hope of turning Water Reuse Week into an everyday occurrence by continuing to look for diverse uses of reclaimed.

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