Our customers count on the Clay County Utility Authority (CCUA) to deliver safe and reliable drinking water when they turn on their sinks and showers. Our customers also expect safe and reliable reclaimed water services for their care of their lawns and landscaping. The CCUA team takes a lot of pride in delivering these services knowing our customers expect these services to be there when they need them.
The State Legislature created CCUA through a special act in 1994 (Chapter 94-491, House Bill 2299). CCUA served roughly seventeen thousand (17,000) customers in 1994.CCUA’s long time Executive Director, Ray Avery, led a team of dedicated professionals who worked to deliver services that protected public health, conserved natural resources, and created long-term value for our customers. The CCUA team of professionals continues that mission today.
At the end of January 2023, CCUA now serves 54,568 customer accounts. The CCUA team operates twenty-two (22) potable treatment plants, seven (7) water reclamation facilities, nine (9) reclaimed water storage and pumping facilities, and one-hundred and eighty (180) pump stations to provide the services our customers count on. Our current population growth forecasts indicate CCUA will double in size over the next 20 to 25-years. While we continue to grow to meet the needs of our growing community, we want to maintain and promote the dedicated and forward-thinking culture that makes CCUA unique.
On December 20, 2022, the Board of Supervisors adopted a proclamation naming our administrative complex as the Ray O. Avery Administrative Complex. We are forever thankful for Ray’s leadership that played an integral role in the development of CCUA. Our team remains dedicated to CCUA’s mission and forward-looking vision serving the residents and businesses of Clay County.
CCUA’s leadership remains committed to the vision of public health and safety, environmental and economic sustainability, and a professional workforce has served this community so well for so long. We continue to invest the time and effort in planning the capital infrastructure, finances, information systems, customer services, and most of all the people that make everything happen. Our dedication to planning can be seen in the completion of the Integrated Water Resource Plan, progress on the Rate Study, and development of the Strategic Plan. Our team goes beyond just talking about value to our customers, we want to demonstrate the long-term value to our customers in everything we are doing. The CCUA team continues to strive to maintain the trust and confidence our customers place on us.
Once-A-Week Watering Restrictions Are Now In Effect! Know your day!
Did you know...?
During Daylight Saving Time, you may water your lawn twice per week on specific days? Know your days!