In some cases you may notice that your utility account erroneously shows as past due. We are working with our payment processor to resolve this issue. Your account will not be disconnected or charged a late fee as a result of this display error.

Efficiency Accomplishments

CCUA is constantly striving to increase the efficiency of our operation. Although proposing a flat surcharge to fund future water resources we continue to focus on present expenditures and saving money when opportunities arise. In the current fiscal year we implemented or achieved the following:

  • Saving You Money
    • Successfully negotiated a 20-31% reduction in the fees our current card payment processor assesses our ratepayers who choose these payment methods. This will reduce the processing fee charged.
    • This year we began gathering approximately 55,000 meters readings every hour. We use the data to isolate usage patterns that suggest a customer may have a water leak. Rather than waiting for the a very high water bill to alert the customer to the leak, we now send technicians to the address and inform the customer of the likelihood of a leak. We have performed at least 2,058 property visits, saved our customers at least $81,892 and conserved almost 16 million gallons of water.
  • Reducing Expenses
    • Fitch rating agency upgraded our credit rating to AA+, Stable outlook. This is great news for rate payers! If we must borrow money, an excellent credit rating will mean a lower interest rate, which reduces the cost of borrowing.
    • Refinanced $42 Million in outstanding debt at a rate of 4.68% to a shorter term bank loan at 2.82%, saving $7.4 Million or 17.6%.
    • Converted almost all landlines serving remote facilities to cellular service. This will generate ongoing savings of $58,000 per year.
    • Installed a GPS tracking system this year. This system is a valuable management tool in that we now know the exact location and status of every CCUA vehicle. We have seen fuel cost savings of $82,572 or 19.6% over a 12 month period, and a very significant decrease in overtime costs.
    • Virtual card payments were issued to willing vendors. The new method of payment will provide a rebate to offset expenses.
  • Reducing Water Consumption
    • We plan to complete construction of a series of rapid infiltration basins (RIBS) this year. Once complete, we will have the ability to reuse wastewater treatment plant effluent, or let the water percolate into the ground for aquifer recharge. In short, after the completion of this project we do not expect to discharge any water to the St. Johns River. This is a very significant accomplishment for all citizens of Clay County.